The Vision of Send Hope International

Advancing God's Kingdom

Welcome to Send Hope International! Our vision is to advance the Kingdom of God through church planting around the world by equipping, and encouraging both the church planter and the missionary in their calling.

If you are on the mission field or preparing to be sent out, the heart of ¬†SHI is to partner with you relationally and financially as you pursue the vision that God has given you. Or, if you don’t have a call to minister in another country or culture but have heart for global missions, SHI can help facilitate your donations towards resourcing missionaries and church planters.

Raise Funds for Send Hope International At No Cost to You!

Visit our sponsored Fundraising Page or Shopping Mall and as you simply interact on that page (surveys, videos, games, etc.), or if you purchase through our mall, Send Hope International will automatically have funds donated. There is no cost to you! Here are four ways you can help raise funds:

Try the Activities

Visit our Fundraising Page and use some or all of the activities every day or at least three times a week. Do short surveys, watch family friendly video, play family friendly games, purchase coupons, and more!

Search the Web

Visit our Fundraising Page and use the search to do at least one to two searches a day just to explore, have fun, & learn (powered by Yahoo!).

Set Your Homepage

Visit our Fundraising Page and make it your home page on your computer-tablet-smart phone. It takes seconds. Or just make the page your favorite